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HFC GBB Ingram M11. A very compact submachine gun Ingram M11, which is only the size of a large handgun, is realistically reproduced. A silencer that can be screwed directly into the hider is also included. You can enjoy realistic gimmicks such as opening and closing of stock and behavior of open bolt type. Although it is a receiver made of ABS resin, it has a matte texture and a good atmosphere.

-Overall length: 250mm (stock deployment: 453mm)
-Weight: 1340g (when magazine is empty)
-Material: ABS, steel, zinc, etc.
-Variable hop up
-Semi-auto/Full-auto switching type
-Fire cycle: around 20 shots/second
-Available bullet: 6mmBB bullet 
-Bullet kinetic energy: 0.98J or less

OBS! Vapnet kräver underhåll med silikon för luftvapen, för att fungera väl. 


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