M700 Police GAS


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The KJW M700 Police High Velocity Version is an eye catching sniper rifle, based on a gas system. The shooting performance is excellent and the precision leaves no wish unfulfilled. The finish is excellent. The gun is very good in the hand and offers a very high level of comfort.
The weapon must be well maintained. Especially the run should be cleaned after every game since the gas can leave residue in the barrel. The hop-up unit should be treated with silicone after every other game.

Adjustable trigger travel.

Velocity appr. 138m/s
Hop-up: Adjustable
Shooting Mode: Single shot (reload after every shot)
Magazine capacity: 10 BBs
Length: 1160 mm
Weight with box: 3.9 kg

"En gasdriven sniper bössa som är helt utan motstånd när du gör mantelrörelse pga att man inte spänner upp någon fjäder. Detta ger ett mycket snabbt andra skott"

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