M40A5 Gas Sniper rifle OD


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Being gas powered the M40A5 allows for the most realistic sniper experience, that can be had with a single action bolt operated rifle.
The operation of the bolt is light, fast and smooth. Add to that, a super crisp trigger pull and the result is quite possibly the best out-of-the-box airsoft sniper rifle, available today.
The M40A5 is a fully licensed bolt-action airsoft sniper rifle. It is a 1/1 scale replica of latest sniper rifle platform used by the united States Marine Corps. It has all the standard M40A5 features, such as an adjustable cheek rest and stock to make it more comfortable for the user and a rail for mounting scopes. 
An optional front rail is available for mounting other tactical equipment.
Color: Olive Drab


  • Gas powered
  • Flat nub hop-up, provides a larger more efficient contact surface for consistent long-range accuracy.
  • Removable flash suppressor
  • 14mm CCW threading for mounting barrel extensions
  • Discreet but easy accessible hop-up adjustment
  • 15 rd. Detachable box magazine
  • Metal Barrel with Receiver
  • Engraved realistic markings on barrel
  • Fix Stock with Rubber Pad adjustable for length
  • Cheek pad height adjustable for height
  • Full Metal Bolt System
  • Easy operation
  • Crisp trigger pull
  • Realistic handling
  • Six QD swivel attachments points
  • Bipod adapter
  • Seen in COD and used by the USMC
  • License from McMillan and Action Sport Games (ASG)


Length:1150mm/inchBarrel length:555mm/inchMag. Capacity:15 roundsStandard Mag.:a-s18337Hop Up Type:AdjustableVelocity:adjustable up to 130 with 0.40g bb.Weight:4350gr/lbEnergy:Adjustable

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