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Swiss Arms Delta Peak Charger

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Automatic stop full charge by Delta Peak detection for 8,4v-9,6v battery.

Input Voltage : 100-240 VAC

Output Voltage : 8.4 - 9.6 VDC

Charge current : 600 mA

Trickle current : 200 mA (Automatic stop after 5 hours)

Short circuit & reverse polarity protections

A good charger is absolutely essential for your electric gun, and is one of the best investments you can make. Poor quality chargers can decimate batteries, overcharging cells and drastically reducing the capacity & performance. What you really want is a charger specifically for your battery type, that has automatic cut off to prevent overcharging, and decent charge current so that you're not waiting all day!

This Swiss Arms charger is a basic smart charger featuring delta pak detection and automatic cut off. When a battery reaches its full capacity, the voltage peaks (this is the delta peak), and what the charger does is watches out for this peak, and once that is detected the charger will switch off to a trickle charge. This keeps the battery topped up whenever you plug out the battery.

Connector: mini Tamiya

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