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Adaptor for B&T MP9 QD B.E.T.

249 kr

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Artikelnr: a-s17917
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The B&T MP9 QD adaptor fits on all 14mm ccw treaded barrels and allows the impressive B&T MP9 Barrel Extension Tube (ref. a-s17260) to be quickly attached.
The adaptor consists of 2 pieces: a locking ring and an adaptor.
The locking ring ensures that the adaptor can be positioned with the lock recess precisely at 12 o’clock.
This makes the barrel extension tube, lock on the gun with its accessory rail directly underneath.

Note: You require the Ref. a-s17950 EVO 18mm-14mm CCW adaptor to mount the MP9 QD adaptor - sold seberately 

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