Malmö Airsoft!

Based in Japan, Prometheus has been well known for creating top of the line airsoft internals for different types of airsoft guns. This wide bore inner barrel is one of their newest products. What sets this product out from other inner barrels is the new three point contact design. This two piece inner barrel consists of the inner barrel made out of brass and the contact points out of a strong plastic material. The way this barrel works is that the two contact points on the bottom allow the BB to always be seated at the right spot for a more consistent contact. The third contact point would be the hop up nub. The barrel hop up window is much wider to accommodate different size nubs. The result is better range. The wider bore allows the BB to travel straighter without bouncing around in the barrel leading to better overall accuracy. Lastly, the mound-less or nub-less bucking allows the user to use different styles of nubs. Due to the wider bore over traditional tight bore barrels, a slight decrease in velocity will occur in exchange for more range and accuracy.